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The Cervélo / OrangeLiving Cyclocross program is dedicated to building the pipeline for the future with the intention of retaining our talented youth in the sport. We are committed to supporting and developing them for exceptional performance on the world's highest level.


  • Provide Support, opportunities, and direction to U25 riders by signing talented first year U23 to U25 riders. Currently in North America we are losing almost all of our talented Juniors as they age out of the category. Creating opportunities and bridging the gap to the Elite ranks is the crux to high performance.  

  • We are also creating links to 2 Jr. programs and will look for more partnerships. This is a key step to sustaining the pipeline we strive for. 

  • In North America there is a need more support for young athletes after the junior ranks and we know that this can’t be done alone. We want to share our approach not only to further our progress but also in hopes to encourage others to create similar opportunities. 

  • Find partners who believe in our mission from a sporting perspective who will work with us to create and or use our content around the storytelling of going after this mission.

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